The Winner’s Curse, You, and Soulless!




The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Goodreads Average Rating: 4.01

Are y’all ready for a roast? I have heard nothing by RAVE reviews about this book. It was a series that I was REALLY looking forward to. I really thought it would be my next favorite. WRONG!

Briefly, this follows a girl, Kestrel, who is a general’s daughter. Kestrel’s people have basically conquered a lot of the world in which they live. The people that used to own this land have now been turned into slaves. One day, Kestrel attends a slave auction and buys a young guy slave named Arin. Of course, you know there is going to be some sort of romance between the two. It’s the powerful girl and the slave boy. Arin, of course, has secrets. And the story goes on.

This is possibly the worst romance driven fantasy of all time. I’m not even sure what this is actually. I don’t know what genre this is in. First, this is super character driven. It focuses 90% on this romance. The interesting parts of the world are like 2 pages long and 98 pages romance. This left the story really just a romance. Yes, there were other aspects to the romance, but we didn’t get a clear story. It’s like Rutkoski wanted to draw in a different audience by throwing in a hint of storyline, but her ultimate goal was romance. And it was a cheesy romance. I did not care about it. I didn’t connect with the characters. I didn’t have to time to feel that they were even connected in any way.

I gave this 2 stars and continue to ask myself why this is so popular.


You by Caroline Kepnes

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.88

So, of course I read this because I wanted to see the adaptation just because I love Penn Badgley. Of course, this genre is also my jam.

This follows Joe, who is a stalker and murderer. And you get the view of a killer as he stalks and manipulates his victim, Beck. What’s so great about this, is that you can see how normal Joe probably appears from the outside and from Beck’s point of view. But then also, you get into his mind and see just how sick of an individual he is.

I heard the sequel was terrible, so I don’t think I will continue on. But I did enjoy this book. And I have watched only a view episodes of the adaptation. It’s different from the book, but I’m still moving slowly through it. Now, Kepnes as announced additional books in the series. My thoughts on that is that sometimes things just need to be standalones. I know she has a new found popularity, but this is one that should just be left alone.

But, I did enjoy this and gave this 4 stars. So creepy and eye opening. And mostly, just different.


Soulless by Gail Carriger

Goodreads Average Rating: 3.91

This was a book I drew out of my TBR jar, but it was always on my radar. I hadn’t read a supernatural novel in quite some time and I was meaning to get back into the genre.

I believe this takes place in the 1870s and follows our main character, Alexia. She has no soul, which means she can take the powers away from the supernatural when she touches them. Supernaturals have become part of the community. One night, she kills a vampire which puts her under investigation by Lord Macon, a werewolf. They start investigating Alexia because they think she is responsible for supernatural disappearances. So, Alexia has to solve who is really responsible.

So, I thought this was a cute, funny supernatural novel. I enjoyed Alexia as a character. Very witty and sarcastic. I didn’t care for the romance that much because I just didn’t feel the chemistry, but overall it was cute book, and I think I will continue to read. 3 stars!


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