The Grisha Trilogy!


The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

I actually did get to read all of these in the month of April, surpassing my goal of just reading the first two. I love Leigh Bardugo, and I truly think this trilogy gets a lot more shit than it deserves. Of course, I love Six of Crows a lot more, but this was a solid 3 star series.

This follows Alina Starkov, who is a nobody. She’s just another soldier helping fight the war. One day, her regiment goes into the Fold. This is a darkness crawling with monsters. Of course, they get attacked and many lives are lost. As her best friend is getting attacked, her power emerge. And so begins the story of the only Summoner left, who much leave her old life behind to start anew as a Grisha.

I thought the characters in these books, for the most part, were fantastic. One of my biggest pet peeves was in these however. So there’s a girl, who is ordinary. She all of a sudden comes to some sort of power and everyone wants to bone her. I just don’t really get that. I don’t think there is any reason every single male in the book wants to get with her. That was the only thing that turned me off to the series. Take away all that romance and you have a very solid series in my opinion. The plot was great, albeit boring at times. The pacing was off in several areas, but overall felt this was a solid 3 stars.

Many people hated the ending of the series. I found it to be fitting.


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