Killman Creek and Miracle Creek!




Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.28

Was super excited to delve back into this world with badass Gwen. Of course, this one was unrealistic because who would go off in hunt of a killer and leave her kids unattended. I mean, in the other book it pressed and pressed into you that she was this fierce mom who hovered over them all the time. She kept moving around from place to place to protect her kids.

But, that aside. I enjoyed the other aspects of it. Gwen continues to be a badass. 4 stars!


Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

Average Goodreads Rating: 4.1

Here we are, to my BOTM pick. This novel is continuing to get really good praise.

A hyperbaric oxygen chamber catches fire, leaving two people dead. Who is to blame? The owner left his wife there to watch over the patients, even though technically she wasn’t certified to do so. She ended up leaving the patients alone in search of batteries for the portable DVD player. Or is it the mom of one of the children who died in the fire? The one who didn’t attend her child’s session, which she always does. The one who is caught by the river smoking the very cigarettes that started the blaze? This is the courtroom battle that takes you through trying to figure out what really happened.

I enjoyed the mystery, but really not surprising. There was an element in this I didn’t like, but I won’t go there for spoilers sake. It follows the POV of many characters, and some of them I didn’t feel really added much to the story. Or at least their long drawn out flashbacks didn’t. I do think it was very informative to disabilities and the struggles of their caregivers, which I don’t think many books cover. So kudos to that!

Overall, I think it’s worth 3.5 stars.


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