The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


If you haven’t heard of this novel, you must be living in a box. I think it has just about been on everyone’s favorites list at some point. Here’s the deal, I am not a huge fan of contemporary, so I kept putting this off. Plus, it’s super hyped and I tend to not end up liking a lot of hyped books.

This follows Monique, who is a writer for a magazine. She is lower on the totem pole, which is why it completely shocks her that Evelyn Hugo asks her to write her biography. Evelyn was a huge movie star in her time and she has been mostly private about her life. Now she is an elderly woman. Why does she wait so long to write her biography? And why does she pick Monique to do it? The most interesting tidbit the media has always talked about in regards to Evelyn Hugo is that she has been married 7 times. So, we venture throughout her live and her seven marriages.

If you have not read this book, read it. It wrecked me. This is the first novel of hers I have read, but her writing had this way of emotionally capturing everything. It was so captivating. The characters were phenomenal. Emotionally, if you are drained after a book, the author did their job. I normally don’t read contemporaries because in a lot of them, I find myself bored. This is not the case here. I couldn’t get enough!

Bravo, Taylor Jenkins Reid. 5 stars!

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